Our products include UPS (uninterruptible power supply), AVR / Line-conditioner, Digital Podium, Interactive Board & SMD LED Lights

Womens Stone

Dura Power Series

Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS

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XL Plus Series

XL Plus Series

Line Interactive UPS

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Elentra Series

Elentra Series

Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS

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Elektra Series HF

Elektra Series HF

Dubble Conversion UPS
(1/1, H.F) (1KVA~20KVA)

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Elektra Series LF UPS

Elektra Series LF UPS

Industrial Grade UPS
1KVA ~3.2MVA (1/1,3/1, 3/3)

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DH Series

DH Series

Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS

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AVR / Lineconditioner

Line-Conditioner / AVR

Servo Motor / Relay Type, EI/Toroidal transformer.
500VA ~150KVA

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About Us

DuraTronic is most reliable company with a differentiated portfolio of solutions for packaged power, diversified generation, electrical control, I.T solutions & safety and energy optimization. DuraTronic apart from its leading position in the corporate market also has a strong foothold in Industrial and I.T market, DuraTronic is passionately committed to bring uninterruptible and alternate power solutions to the customers that makes their business efficient, comfortable and profitable.

Mission: Passionately to innovate clean and energy efficient solution for life comfortable and better tomorrow.

Vision: Be the brand of choice for products and services that generate, control, store and use electricity efficiently. Through passionate people we innovate to consistently deliver a tangible competitive advantage in reliability, service and cost. "

Corporate Philosophy: We will constantly listen and respond to our Employees, End Customers, Channel Partners and Suppliers. All our products and processes will be aligned to meet the end customer needs. We will constantly improve the quality of our products and services. We will be a lean and flexible organization that quickly and correctly responds to business opportunities. All our employees, suppliers and channel partners must make a measurable, positive contribution towards the success of our business. All aspects of our business will be quantified and performance measurement will be directly linked to business decisions, compensation and rewards.

Contact Us

Karachi Head Office: B-105/6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Tel # +92-21-34990101. 34990102. Fax # +92-21-34990102.
Sale & Sevice 0320-2908140, 0304-0225882, 0347-1249453

Lahore Office: 355, Neelam Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
Ph: +92 (042) 37811880, 37811881. Fax: +92 (042)37813711

Islamabad Office: Suite #13, 3rdFloor, Executive Centre,I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
Tell: 92-51-5382760. Fax: 92-51-4861332

Web: www.dura-tronic.com. Email: info@dura-tronic.com

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  • Tell: +92-21-34990101
  • Tell: +92-21-34990102
  • Fax: +92-21-34990102
  • www.dura-tronic.com
  • info@dura-tronic.com
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